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    GOD's warning to Flood and Tornado Ravished states in AMERICA listen up!

    YAHS Beloved

    by YAHS Beloved

    Tornadoes in Alabama and Mississippi floods are foretold in Prophecies found on God YAHUVEH always sends His Prophets to warn before He sends Judgment. Apostle Elisabeth Elijah is His humble vessel of clay He uses to give Prophetic messages such as this one in this video. The massive destruction that the tornadoes left and what the floods are doing now is proof that the Prophecies of Amightywind are true, it proves Elisabeth Elijah is a true Prophet and it exposes the wolves in sheeps clothing for who they really are, they spew forth lies trying to led people away from the Prophecies that only led people to YAHUSHUA also known as Jesus Christ.
    This Ministry leads souls to repent of their sins and accept YAHUSHUA and live a Holy life unto YAHUVEH. Amightywind Ministry teaches holiness!

    Prophecy excerpt used in this video:

    Prophecy 90 - What Is The Name Of The RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit)?