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    Vanguard - "Gateway To Heroin" - s05-e01


    by 1BadboyMMA

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    Peter Schwarz
    Massachusetts is the most depressing place in the country
    By Peter Schwarz3 years ago
    I just got through watching the documentary "Gateway To Heroin" , the one based on Massachuettes. I feel very little sympathy for these people, I live in Florida and I am currently on disability through the government for a number of things that cause me chronic pain and thanks to these little girls and boys running their little drug rings I can no longer get most of the medication I NEED or I have to spend all day going from pharmacy to pharmacy to get them. I have four children, three of which are 18 or older and they are not drug addicts so all I have to say to the kids up north with no futures is all you have created is a situation in which people who really need these types of medications can't get them, hope you enjoy prison or death because that's the only two things you have to look foward to.
    By dm_507c8105047a94 years ago