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    Amightywind AMERICA will BETRAY Israel Prophecy! Jerusalem belongs to Israel!


    by yahsdiamond


    Prophecy 31 spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (yahsladynred on Youtube) from the mouth of YAHUVEH (YAHWEH):

    I have this against you America! Your leader is not only a whore monger but a war monger. Your streets do not flow with enough perversion and enough blood shed now you must take it to other nations. The unborn you slaughter with less mercy than your animals you put to death for food! You take more regard and compassion on the creatures than you do the babies that are tore apart and burned alive daily.

    I have this against you America. You were a nation set apart by MY divine hand to glorify the Lord God Almighty whose Name is "I AM." You who once stood for Godliness are nothing more than an empty shell. You pour your wrath out on a nation you have no right to pour forth your judgments on. "I AM" the only one that has this right for vengeance is MINE saith the Lord.

    (watch prophecy for more)