Rediscover Truth, Virtue,and Beauty - P1/2


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http://SupremeMasterTV.com – Rediscover Truth, Virtue,and Beauty - P1/2 April 24, 1993 Paris, France (In French). Episode: 1679, Air Date: 20 April 2011. Script
*Good evening. I only wanted to say to you that today is a very special day, Supreme Master Ching Hai's first visit in Paris. For this type of event, normally speaking, Supreme Master Ching Hai never prepares her speeches in advance. She always speaks spontaneously, according to the public and the place.

But because she is so in love with France and with the French language, and because it's been more than 20 years that she didn't have the opportunity to return to France, she therefore wanted to give her lecture in French. We worked a little bit yesterday evening - rather, a good part of the night - to try to write some lines so as to be able to offer you her message in French; to be closer and to help you to better understand it.

So I wanted to explain that she never prepares her speech, but today the circumst