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    Waterspout Tornado Seen in Northeast China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Residents in northeast China received a scare on Monday when they witnessed a waterspout forming above the Songhua River. The phenomenon, known in Chinese as "Dragon soaking up water", lasted about 10 minutes.

    Take a look at this. A huge waterspout tornado formed above the Songhua River in northeastern China's Jilin Province on Monday, frightening local residents.

    The waterspout was hundreds of meters high and lasted about ten minutes, according to China Central Television.

    One local woman said that the spout was like a piece of thread which turned thick and then slowly vanished.

    "It is the first time I have seen one. There is something like a spiral at the bottom and it is really scary."

    Waterspouts occur when a tornado forms over the surface of warm water and connects with thunderclouds above and the water below. As the water column revolves, it produces whirlpools.

    The phenomenon is called "Dragon soaking up water" in Chinese.