How to Teach Your Dog to Play with Other Dogs

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How to Teach Your Dog to Play with Other Dogs - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. One thing that is very important is to make sure that your dog knows appropriate play. And if you have a dog that is an older dog, you can still teach it how to play appropriately, and puppies are the best place to start on how to play appropriately. What we do is we first start puppies with a little bit of an older dog that does not want to really be, you know, mauled, and jumped all over and everything else. So that older dog is actually teaching your dog much more than you could teach it, just letting him know what the boundaries are. So what we use is we use a 'leave it' command. So as the dog is going up to bother another dog or to play too rough, we will say 'leave it'. And we teach them first to leave food alone, toys alone, people alone, and then in their high excitement and high stimulation in playing they already know what this command is. We are not coming in to the highest level of stimulation and trying to teach them something there. They already have some base foundation for this command. And we say 'leave it' and they will be like 'OK, I will leave it'. But that is the best way to start. And plus letting puppies play together and then just monitoring their play. Letting them do short sessions at a time so they don't get too high in excitement.