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(0129 CR M06)HAINAN HELICOPTERS DATELINE: Jan. 29, 2011 LENGTH: 00:02:01 PKG INTRO China's aviation authorities on Friday started to allow helicopters to fly in low-altitude airspace over the tourist island of Hainan on a trial basis for the first time. The aim is to eventually open a part of the country's tightly-controlled airspace to private aircraft. PKG Four helicopters were manned by eight pilots from Shanghai-based Zhengyang Investment Group, a leading domestic firm in the general aviation industry. They are expected to conduct test flights in the sky, 1,000 meters above the ground in Hainan in the next two months. The test flight will collect data for low-altitude flying and test the ground control system's response to emergencies. That's according to Zou Jianming, chairman of Zhengyang Investment Group. Hainan is the first place in China to conduct test flights of private aircraft in low-altitude airspace. Domestic and foreign firms will both be able to invest in Powered by www.newslook.com Producer : Xinhua News Agency