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    Swedish Invention Makes Web-less Information Sharing Possible


    by NTDTelevision

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    Wouldn't it be nice to share music by your favorite composer with all those around you without connecting to the Internet? This may soon be a reality as our correspondent in Stockholm explains in our next report.

    A Swedish Professor is currently working on a program that can make your mobile phone share files without a mobile network.

    This could be used in places were the infrastructure isn't developed or in disaster areas such as Haiti during the earthquake

    In countries where a regime is blocking information flow, people can still exchange information.

    With this program, every mobile phone within a range of about 500 feet would be able to send and receive messages.

    [Gunnar Karlsson, Professor, KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology]:
    "As we seen in Egypt, Tunisia and in Libya it would be very hard to prevent people from using a system like this, simply because, you can turn off an infrastructure and they will have no means of communicating. But you cannot, as long you don't take their phones away from people, they can still continue to communicate from mobile to mobile."

    The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm collaborated with the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich on the project.

    Professor Karlsson is researching how, in the future, we will be able to share films, music and documents without a mobile network.

    So when will we see this technology in stores?

    [Gunnar Karlsson, Professor, KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology]:
    "I think the time is right for this kind of idea. Within a few years I believe this could be reality."

    NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden.