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    FLYSURFER UNITY - 2011 iteboarding Kitesurfing Freeride Freedom - Part I K


    by pbkiteboarding

    UNITY 2011 Flysurfer brings you the Unity to their line-up for 2011. Available at:
    A super versatile freeride intermediate kite, a true multi-purpose kite for everything and everyone.

    The UNITY comes with new integrated features like:
    + triple-depower technology
    + fds safety system
    + more direct & progressive bar feedback
    + almost no backstall
    + improved overall stability & better drifting behaviour
    + simplified bridle system, including anti-inversion system
    + dependable robust construction
    + side-of-window auto-relaunch
    + new infinity 2.0 control bar
    + new modulair kite/boardbag

    Available at:
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