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    Scorpio Telescopic Camera Crane: RECORDABLE & REPEATABLE


    by SouthEastCameraCranes

    This video shows how with a few presses of a button you can record & playback moves. You can do this on any of the Scorpio control systems, Pan Bars, Hand Wheels, & Joy Stick. The move is stored in Memory & can be played back as often as you like.

    There are only 4 of these cranes in the U.S. & we're the proud owners of #4 here in Miami. Single day rentals we service the South Florida Area. Rentals of 3 or more days, we rent & deliver to anywhere in the Southeast United States, rentals of 5 or more days we rent & deliver to anywhere in the Continental U.S.

    We also have a complete RED ONE MX Camera package with Cooke 18mm-100mm Zoom & 7 RED PRO PRIMES that can be bundled with the crane for even more production savings.

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