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    A Birthday Book of Precepts and Axioms - P1/2


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    57 views – From Theosophy's Sacred Teachings: Gems from the East - A Birthday Book of Precepts and Axioms - P1/2. Episode: 1673, Air Date: 14 April 2011. IntroScript
    Helena Petrovna von Hahn, more popularly known as Madame Blavatsky or H.P.B., came from a noble family in Ukraine.

    Her father, Peter von Hahn was a descendant of German nobility; while her mother, Helena Andreyevna Hahn, came from one of the oldest families of Russian nobility and was also a celebrated novelist. As a child she would often have visions and displayed clairvoyance as well as other metaphysical phenomena.

    Years later, she traveled through Europe and the Middle East studying under various teachers and Sufi saints. She met her teacher, an Indian yogi named Master Morya, in London who later directed her to go to New York in the United States. Once there, she founded the Theosophical Society. In 1885, she started to write “The Secret Doctrine” which was finally published three yea