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In theaters: July 15th, 2011 -
του Ντέιβιντ Μπάρκερ
Ένα οδυνηρό ψυχολογικό θρίλερ από έναν ευρέως αναγνωρισμένο σκηνοθέτη, το DAYLIGHT ακολουθεί ένα ζευγάρι χαμένο στην Αμερική απέναντι σε μια συμμορία απαγωγέων. Παρά τα γνωστά στοιχεία του είδους του, το DAYLIGHT είναι διαφορετικό καθώς συνδυάζει τον ερωτισμό και την τρυφερότητα με το οδυνηρό βάρος της εγκυμοσύνης και της απαγωγής. Στην διαδρομή για τον γάμο τους, ο Danny και η Irene παίρνουν έναν άγνωστο που κάνει οτοστόπ, αλλά ...

A harrowing psychological thriller from a widely acclaimed filmmaker, Daylight pits a couple lost in America against a conniving gang of kidnappers, in David Barker's rigorous and personal re-imagining of the genre film. Despite its familiar genre elements, Daylight is different - a powerful, shocking piece of vigorous cinema, which fuses eroticism and tenderness with the harrowing weight of pregnancy and kidnapping. On their way to a wedding, Danny and Irene pick up a hitchhiker - throwing the film in the direction of the conventional rural kidnapper thriller. But with the skill of director David Barker and his miraculous cast and crew, Daylight emerges as much, much more than just another exploitation picture. Kidnappers Renny, Leo, and Murphy enact a bizarre and terrifying ritual of politeness, endowing such scenes as the passing of a bread knife at a kitchen table with a threat of ferocious violence - but also trust. Alexandra Meierhans - pregnant as the character Irene, and pregnant in real life - delivers an astonishing performance as the female lead. Simultaneously vulnerable and dangerous, a captive and a seductress, she somehow struggles to survive and endure, bringing the audience along with her through to the shattering conclusion.

Drama, Thriller
Director: David Barker
Cast: Alexandra Meierhans, Ivan Martin, Michael Godere, Aidan Redomnd

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