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    The Locals - "Everything Must Go"


    by MusicDishTV

    Shot in Chicago using stop motion and chalk board animation, the video “Everything Must Go” by the alternative pop/rock band The Locals is fresh and innovative. The Locals serve up a powerful sound with the track’s pounding rock libations, with the bass and guitar coming in with a nice, but edgy slant. Strong vocals lead the track into a hard groove that is the perfect backdrop for the video which captivates and entertains viewers quite supremely. As the band takes you on a musical ride, the video stimulates your visual senses with the chalk board animation and stop motion shots of the band performing their single. It is brilliantly brought to life in different times, lighting, and colors. The story shows the main character, “Marty,” in an ominous position as his home begins to crack apart all around him. The adventure continues to unfold in a delightful and deliciously fun way, showing great style and imagination. “Everything Must Go” is directed by Samantha Westerling with the story by Jen Larson. Old school chalk board animation sensation Jack Haynes also lends his artistry talents to the video.