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    Weddings: 9 Cake Ideas

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Weddings: Cake Ideas - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

    My name is Elizabeth Hodes. I own Elizabeth Hodes Custom Cakes and Sugar Art in New York City.

    Cake Idea 1: This cake here is a beautiful Baroque influenced cake. It is kind of a Rococo style with all the Chandelier beading, the specialty pillars. It has got damask pattern that is gilded on there. This Lattice work here and there is even a Rosette painting on the top.

    Cake Idea 2: This falling blocks blue cake was for young, hip, really up on guard Brooklyn couple. It has got this falling blocks optical illusion with beautiful rich hues of teal and blue. All these angles, square, chunky blockey letters on top. Very cool.

    Cake Idea 3: This blue cake is festive, its colorful. I love it. It is just bright and cheerful. These tiers are sitting, floating actually, on beds of sugar flowers. We have got tropical banana flowers, pulled sugar rodeos, kumquats. All very colorful, all vibrant. This was a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and a raspberry jam.

    Cake Idea 4: This wonderful cake I love because it was just royal and extravagant and luxurious. And it combines the really rich red and gold. The dividers or pillars between the tiers are actually custom made and they are fabricated based on an antique hardware piece that I found in architectural savage warehouse.

    Cake Idea 5: Here we have a very traditional stacked 4 tier ground cake. It has got little accents of beading which echoed the bride's dress and we also got these beautiful bouquets of sugar flowers. We have got roses and hydrangea and all sorts of things. And then we got these excellent little magenta butterflies which are hand cut.

    Cake Idea 6: Here we have got a 4 tier square stacked cake that actually is influenced by traditional Japanese folk design. You will see some of the patterns. Each tier has its own pattern that is based on traditional origami pattern and we have topped it with a cast sugar double happiness sign and some matching blue cherry blossoms.

    Cake Idea 7: This is a 4 tier round traditional cake. It has got a white background with this swag of sugar flowers and the colors that echoed the bride's bouquet and her centerpieces. We added a little bit of embroidery on the surface of the cake to create texture and we accented at the base of the tiers with edible pearls. This was a very lovely but very traditional couple. They had a golden cake with a vanilla bean butter cream.

    Cake Idea 8: This was one of my very favorite projects to create. This was for a Halloween wedding and it was Gothic and macabre. It was influenced by the illustrations of Edward Gorey. So we see on the tiers we have got some of his illustrations right there. Then on top we have this corpse bride and she is made entirely out of sugar. She is holding a noose. There is actually a sugar skeleton scattered around the tiers. And we have got these Edward Gorey inspired illustrations.

    Cake Idea 9: This cake was for an Indian couple. We had a golden cake with a chai butter cream. We used a lot traditional Indian henna patterns along the base. I created a sculpted sugar elephant, a little monkey on top, and a blue sugar crane.