#209 is my response to Vimeo for deleting 44 of my videos

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This video is ten minutes from class 202 at MIkeOversonEndTimes.org about the probable causes of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on 3-10-11. (It's a poetic confirmation of this video that I posted it at Vimeo on flag day 6/14/11). I sent the first 3 minutes of this video in a email to Vimeo asking why they deleted my account.
From Vimeo on 6-13-11.
Sorry for the trouble! The majority of your account contained ripped footage from movies, tv, etc. We will not be reinstating your account.
To that I'd like to ad that the only thing that will be RIPped is how many people will R.I.P. after the next 911 disaster. Like it says in the song GET OVER IT that I posted here in class #208, "Let's kill all the lawyers let's kill them tonight". It's YOU who are violating God's copyright. I'm a flat broke prophet offering FREE classes about these divine signs that are from God to the public. I warned them about this in class 202: you need to ask yourself: is there a God and do I feel lucky?.