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    Pippi Longstocking E2M13: Pippi Takes a Train Ride (1/2)

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    by Kids Shows Corner!

    Pippi Longstocking Episode 26: Pippi Takes a Train Ride
    Part 1 of 2

    Kling and Klang have been assigned by the chief to escort two very dangerous offenders on a train ride to a maximum security prison. Also abord the train ride are Annika and Tommy, who are under Mrs. Prysselius's supervision, in which they were not happy with this, and to the Thunder-Karlsson and Bloom's delight, a chest full of money is loaded along with an armed guard demanding Thunder-Karlsson and Bloom to get on the train as well. Pippi, Horse, and Mr. Nillson decide to join the ride as well. Thunder-Karlsson and Bloom assume the two dangerous thugs have a plan to snatch all the money, and also want to join in with them.