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    Butcher Sentenced for Poisoning Meat with Nitrates


    by NTDTelevision

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    A butcher was sentenced for life in Jinzhou, China on Saturday for adding industrial-grade nitrates to meat. It resulted in the death of one man, and the hospitalization of another.

    According to state media, Gao Yanjun has been adding industrial nitrate to his meat since 2005 in order to improve the color and texture. While sodium nitrate and other approved nitrites are safe for human consumption, industrial nitrates are normally used in fertilizer and are poisonous.

    One of Gao's customers, Mr. Sun, died from poisoning from eating pig intestine infused with industrial nitrate. Another man who shared the food with Mr. Sun is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

    Gao's meat is yet another case in the series of recent food scandals in China.