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Shaun Lewis
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Fb friend: what is good sound advise for making money online?
Shaun: Standing out, being different etc etc
Fb friend: Can you please explain that?
Shaun: Sure, lets say that everyone in your town was selling white T-shirts and you wanted and needed to make money ...There are hundreds of stores selling these white T's and you go off and make another store selling the same, what advatange do you have over anyone else doing the same?
Fb friend: None really
Shaun: Why do you say that?
Fb friend: Because, we are all selling the same thing.
Shaun: Bingo!
Fb friend: So, what can I do about that?
Shaun: You sell a RED SHIRT - Be the only one in your town selling a Red T-shirt!
Fb Friend: omg yes
Shaun: By you doing this you will have 100% advantage over all the other stores.