To be One with God is to Do without Doing - P3/3

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  • Add to – To be One with God is to Do without Doing - P3/3 March 14, 1993 Melbourne, Australia. Episode: 1667, Air Date: 8 April 2011. Script
*About almighty power,can it change the movement of the sun or planets?Or should we understand the almighty power as spiritual meaning?Because I cannot believe the miracles written in the Bible.

@ You should. We can experience these miracles right now,then you will believe. Anything,the almighty power can do,but as God sees fit,not as our dictation.But all the miracles in the Bible are true. These are child's play. There is nothing big deal that you could not believe. There is much more than that. These are just a very fragmentary record of what a master can do.

Even these nowadays,I have seen with my eyes some of the Hindu monks that walk across the water - and not walk half way across the swift flowing current - and they want to teach me how to do it,but I refused. I said I'd use a boat,it's che