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    AshMax introduction with Russ Howe

    Russ Howe

    by Russ Howe

    Russ Howe introduces the AshMax system and explains how it works. Russ has established a $12,000 income from AshMax, having been with the system since June 2010 and becoming one of the top affiliates in Global Domains International in the process.

    AshMax is designed to help determined individuals build their downline in both Global Domains International and Freeway To Success simultaneously, and shows members that they can indeed build far more productive downlines by focusing on simply finding a small group of determined people to work with rather than trying to find hundreds of referrals each month on their own.

    If you are serious about AshMax and would like to work with Russ Howe and the team, you can find us at

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