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    International Dance Festival in Dubai


    by NTDTelevision

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    And now on to Dubai, for the 4th International Dance Festival. The event brings together dance enthusiasts, instructors, performers and audiences from around the world and promotes dance as a pastime in the Middle East.

    Dancers and dance enthusiasts from over 20 different countries boogie up a storm at the 4th International Dance Festival in Dubai, which wrapped up last week.

    According to this dance fan, the festival is a great opportunity for the diverse global dance community to get together and share their passion with audiences.

    [Sara Vuletic]: (female, English)
    “It’s amazing because it not only joins different people together but it also gathers amazing performances at one place, so you can really have in 2 days, in 3 days the opportunity to learn a lot of different things, which I think is really, really great.”

    Besides having an educational component, this year’s festival is abuzz with creative activity. On the agenda are multi-discipline artistic collaborations with organizations throughout the entire world.

    This dance teacher believes the dance festival will benefit the artistic community in Dubai.

    [Francisco Bolivar, Dance Teacher]: (English, male)
    “Events like we have today in Dubai are going to make the future of Dubai with the artists and dance much better, not only [in terms of] dance, but also music, theater and different types of art that we have.“

    According to this enthusiast, more should be done to promote dance among residents of Dubai.

    [Sara Vuletic]: (female, English)
    “I haven’t actually encountered many (local people) here in the Emirates maybe because it is not very well advertised, so I think that dancing in Dubai should be more advertised to the local people also and I’m sure that they will really love it.”

    NTD News, Dubai