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    WP Syndicator - The Truth Dissected


    by optimizepressreview


    Produced by Andy Fletcher, the WP Syndicator is actually a plugin for WordPress that acts as a syndication platform utilized for spreading content out to online social networking sites, video sharing web sites and blogs (Web.0 websites).

    What the plugin gives is an automated one-stop distribution and syndication of content all over the 20 sites in it's checklist. Setup and configuration is needed, because the plugin could only act as your all-access pass to the web sites listed.

    You will get to syndicate your content with either just one click of the autosyndicate button, or some more clicks going through the Web 2.0 site list tick boxes. That's how wonderfully the plugin works. But the the greatest thing is that the program will save your configuration settings on WordPress, enabling you to breeze through your content syndication projects on all of your other websites.

    Know more about WP Syndicator, watch this video