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    How to make a minecraft creeper shirt! (easy stenciling technique)


    par p106peppy

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    The creeper face is probably the most iconic and recognizable images from minecraft. Professionally screened shirts can cost upwards of $20.00, but with this easy stenciling technique, you can make your own (and have it be of comparable quality) for a fraction of that price!

    If you're not into minecraft, this same stenciling technique works equally well for other designs.

    You will need:

    -A teeshirt (always be sure to read the label and get one that is 100% cotton or a cotton/lycra/spandex blend. Avoid polyester like the plague. It will give you BO)
    -fabric paint
    -masking tape
    -a ruler
    -a foam stippling brush
    -tailors chalk or a graphite pencil

    Sorry about the sound balance, this fujitsu lifebook is a piece of crap.