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    James Mann: False Image 5/6

    Sunlight Oxygen

    by Sunlight Oxygen

    James Mann: “The real locus of where did people come from was the Pentagon. It didn'’t matter which wing of the George W. Bush Administration you were from, your familiarity with foreign policy came from the military either as a civilian military person — that's Rumsfeld or Cheney or Wolfowitz — or as a career military official like Colin Powell. Even Condoleeza Rice's first job in Washington was in the Pentagon. That's where people got their training and their familiarity and you look ahead now, this is still a little bit of a problem. If you look at the Obama Administration you find a remarkable number of career military people in senior government positions.”

    A former newspaper reporter, foreign correspondent and columnist, James Mann is a Washington-based author who has written award-winning books about China and American foreign policy. He is Foreign Policy Institute Author-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins’ Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.