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    Doubts over Melamine Milk Compensation Fund


    by NTDTelevision

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    Parents of children sickened by China's 2008 melamine milk scandal want more answers--after the funds responsible for giving out money to victims released details on how the money has been used so far. Questions were raised in May over the funds' operations when Chinese media reported that details had been kept secret.

    The China Dairy Industry Association says a compensation fund for victims of the 2008 tainted milk scandal has been running efficiently—that's after parents of the victims expressed concern last month over its secretive operations.

    In a statement posted online on Tuesday, the Dairy Association says 900 million yuan have been set aside for a one-time compensation fund. Another 200 million yuan is being operated by an insurance fund, to pay for medical expenses for affected children until they turn 18.

    Despite that statement, parents doubt the money has been distributed to the 270,000 victims the fund is set to compensate.

    Some parents have told the Global Times—a state-run English language newspaper—that they've never heard of victim families benefiting from the compensation fund. They were also never told about how they could access the money.

    One parent from Gansu province tells a similar story.

    [Li Jianlong, Father of Melamine Milk Victim]:
    "Since 2010, I've been paying for all my kid's medical check-ups. Not only are we paying for treatments, there's been no offer of free check-ups."

    Melamine victim advocate Zhao Lianhai says the fund operators need to provide more detailed information.

    [Zhao Lianhai, Melamine Milk Victim Advocate]:
    "After seeing the figures on Tuesday, we have a lot of questions. Where did the figures come from? We need more details to verify them. Otherwise, just having this figure alone—we don't dare to believe its accuracy."