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STORY: CHINA FLOODS DATELINE: June 10, 2011 LENGTH: 0:00:46 LOCATION: Hubei VO A new round of rain and floods have battered central China, killing dozens of people and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate. Heavy rain has hit the central Hubei Province and neighboring Hunan Province since Thursday night. The downpour has triggered floods and mudslides, killing at least 19 in Hubei and 15 in Hunan. At least 30 people are still missing. Most of the deaths were incurred in Hubei's Xianning City when floods toppled homes and destroyed embankments of reservoirs and rivers. More than 50,000 residents in the city alone have to be evacuated. Traffic is paralyzed, and power supplies and telecommunication in some areas have been cut off. The flood season in China has started this month and rain-triggered floods have already wreaked havoc in the southern province of Guizhou with more than two dozen people killed. Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency