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    Misconceptions About Pearls

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Misconceptions About Pearls - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

    One of the main common misconceptions that I think a lot of people have are that the pearls are extremely expensive. Back in the old days before cultivation they were expensive because they were extremely rare. But nowadays they can be very affordable. Fresh water pearls are generally the most affordable kind. So even if you are on a budget affording pearls is a possibility.

    Also the second common misconception is that cultured pearls are not real pearls. Infact they are real pearls because they are produced in a same process as natural pearls.

    The third most common misconception is that mother of pearl is a real pearl. Mother of pearl actually describes the inside lining of some of the shells. It is not actually a real pearl.

    And then the fourth common misconception is that Majorica pearls are real pearls. Majorica pearls are actually produced in a very different way than real pearls are naturally or cultivated pearls are. They are generally produced in some solid glass balls and coated with paste. So they are not actually real pearls.

    And then the final misconception, and this is a very common one that we see, that black pearls are processed. That is actually not true. Tahitian pearls are the only naturally black pearls. So there are pearls occurring naturally in nature that are black.