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    Verdi's "AIDA" At the Foot of Masada Mountain


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Italian composer Verdi wrote his opera "Aida" in 1871, and since then it has been performed throughout the world. This time the Israeli Opera chose to perform it in an impressive production at the foot of a historic mountain -- the Masada. Our correspondent was there.

    Here, at the foot of this powerful mountain which is currently a candidate for the prestigious list of "Seven Wonders of the World," the Israeli Opera has chosen to perform the opera "Aida."

    Thousands of workers, hundreds of participants and soloists from around the world took part in a huge, uniquely artistic production.

    "Aida" is the story of an impossible love in the shadow of war between Egypt and Ethiopia in the period of the ancient Pharaohs.

    It is love between the commander of the Egyptian army who is leading his army to war against the neighboring Ethiopia, and an Ethiopian captive -- the Ethiopian king's daughter.

    It is love that transcends nations and borders, yet it ends tragically.

    [Kristin Lewis, Aida, Aida Soprano]:
    "Aida is a person who shouldn't love the man that she loves because he is her enemy, her country's enemy - the person chosen to lead the army against her people. And yet this is the man that she loves and what it shows us is that love has no boundaries, it has no borders. She ends up making the largest sacrifice of all because of it, and so it just proves that no matter what's happening around us when we are honest with ourselves we find that we are all very similar".

    The Israeli Opera has chosen Mount Masada as the background to its production of "Aida."

    This site has a specific historic significance -- here was the last stronghold of the Jewish State of Judea in its fight against the Roman Empire's conquest close to two thousands years ago.