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    Lara Croft talks to Sonic about his Ring Addiction - Sonic Generations - DailyMotion Exclusive


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    Lara Croft weighs in the new Sonic in the game "Sonic Generations" from Sega. Has Sonic overcome his ring addiction?

    Sonic Generations - a Dailymotion E3 Exclusive, Brought to you by GameZombie TV

    Executive Producer: Steve Moriya, Executive Producer: Spencer Striker; Executive Creative Director: Andrew Benninghoff; Associate Producer: Dmitrii Gabrielov; Camera and Writing by John Quick; Production Manager, Joe Meinen; Motion Graphics by Chris Proost, Brandon Hadnot, and Amanda O'Donnell; Original Music by Jason Pecha; Produced and VJ'd by Chelsey Matrix; and edited by the cruel and mighty Hannah Hein.