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    Alexander Lehmann

    von Alexander Lehmann

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    Welcome to endangered species from outer space!
    Todays episode is featuring the humans!

    I directed this ad together with Scholz&Volkmer for

    "We urgently need a balancing representation of "the long view" in our political institutions.
    This is why we promote Ombudspersons for Future Generations on all governance levels."

    Video: Alexander Lehmann
    Voice: Phil Bonney
    music: iambic

    thanks to: Isabel Prahl

    Background: The aim was to create a provoking ad that explains todays problems but also tries to show a possible solution through the ombudsperson.
    I worked on the script with the client and the agency for about a month. After recording the voice of Phil Bonnet I started to create the film itself. The Film had to be finished in around 10 days which includes creating all the assets/animation/fx/editing etc.
    I used 3dsmax for the animation.