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    by SmartShoot

    Small Group Fitness wants to change the personal training experience! In many ways we are not your typical personal training facility. We want to offer the qualities of personal training without the traditionally high cost. Instead of one-on-one personal training, we offer one-on-four, and by doing so can drastically reduce the price without jeopardizing the integrity of the instruction. We want people to be able to choose the modes of exercise and when they can participate in them. SGF will have small group sessions available throughout the day geared toward the many different types of exercise SGF offers and at varying fitness levels. If someone is a beginner they can schedule themselves into a beginner class and know that they will be in a small group of no more than 4 people. That group will consist of other beginners, allowing for proper instruction at a scaled pace. Conversely, a person who is more advanced can schedule themselves into an advanced class and know they are going to get similar instruction at an faster pace. SGF wants to make sure you are completely comfortable with your surroundings as well as the people you are exercising with. Allowing you to progress in both health and education at your OWN pace.Small Group Fitness - Downers Grove, IL