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    Jacob Drake

    by Jacob Drake

    When the circus's famous escape artist, "The Amazing Fellini", steals his own death card from the Fortune Teller Madame Fortuna's tarot pack, he cheats Death itself and becomes "unkillable". However, Fellini's gain is Madame Fortuna's loss, as Death Himself curses the old woman to a slow, miserable death that can only be stopped when the card is returned to it's deck. Physically unable to pursue the thief herself, Madame Fortuna sends her bumbling assistant (a failed, lonely clown named Patchy Middleton) on a cross-country journey to retrieve the stolen Death card from Fellini, who is using his new-found immortality as a way to make money.

    Patchy's epic quest is filled with funny adventures, real-life lessons about the world outside the circus, and a lesson in mortality that teaches him that while Death is scary, Life can be ten times worse.

    Written and Directed by Larry Longstreth (

    Currently Starring

    Larry Longstreth (tentative) as Patchy Middleton

    Katie Uhlmann as Jess

    Michael Manna (Stevie Richards) as The Strong Man