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    Chinese National College Entrance Examination Ends Today


    by NTDTelevision

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    China's annual National College Entrance Examination finishes today. It's a major event for high school students because their examination score could very well determine their career and future. As one can imagine, there's a lot of pressure on students to do well in the exams.

    China's annual nation-wide College Entrance Examination ends today.

    It's the most important exam for high school students in China. Their exam score will determine which college they will attend—and that—will determine their career path and future.

    [Examination candidate]:
    "I think the examination this year will be very comprehensive, which means it can examine the students' comprehensive competence."

    Students spend their middle and high school education preparing for this exam. There is much pressure to do well to secure a place at their preferred college.

    [Examination candidate]:
    "I guess there will be some small changes, which will not be too influential. It will be similar with the previous papers, and maybe some questions will change the formats, but with little change."

    To ensure timely attendance of the examinations, Beijing's traffic restrictions are lifted for those cars with permits to transport students to examination sites. Cameras, phone-signal detectors, and other devices are used to monitor students to prevent cheating.

    More than nine million students sit for the exam, vying for six and three-quarter million (6.75 million) enrollment vacancies.

    The number of candidates has dwindled by nearly a quarter million this year. According to state media, one of the reasons for the decrease is that more students prefer to study abroad.