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    Shunde Team Wins 2011 China Dragon Boat Championship


    by NTDTelevision

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    China's 2011 Dragon Boat Championship ended this week with first place going to a team from Shunde in Guangdong Province. Shunde faced fierce competition from Russia in two of the three events.

    The 2011 China Dragon Boat Championship ended this week, with overall first place going to the Shunde team from Guangdong Province in South China, who took gold in three events.

    The two-day event included three races: 200 meters, 500 meters and 3,000 meters.

    The Shunde team won the 200 meter race with a time of 39.66 seconds, followed by the Russian team with 42.05 seconds.

    The 500 meter race saw another fierce competition between the Shunde and Russian teams. Shunde led the race from the start and crossed the finish line just one second ahead of the Russian team, who placed second overall in the Championships.

    Third place went to the Jiangsu team.