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    1250 THEN 1185 IN THE S&P ON TAP


    by mrtopstep

    4 views Mr Top Steps Danny Riley talks about the 16% unemployment in Greece and how further debt concerns continue to way in on the S&P 500. Riley also talks about HL Camp (the program trading school) how the firms work show a larger sell off going into the end of June /July. Riley points out how the SPM and tghe ESM got down to Top NOTCHs 1276.25 weekly fib in GLOBEX , bounced up after the 8:30vopen to Top Notchs 128520 pound number and faild the first time up. Riley says Tim from Top Notch said "Bernanke's comments threw cold water on the markets yesterday" and that the SPM is going to retend the 1274.30 level and if it fails there , all bets are off. Mr Top Steps Riley says the next area on the down side in the S&P is 1250 then 1185.

    **Filmed on the trading floor at the CME Group. Produced by MrTopStep with MarketHEIST