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    Decorative Insect Displays and Species

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Decorative Insect Displays and Species - as part of the home decor series by GeoBeats.

    This here, for example, is one of our some like rare butterflies. It's a morpho rhetenor helena, South American specimens from Peru. It is an incredibly iridescent beautiful blue color and that color is is actually an optical illusion.

    We also offer a whole bunch of beetles. Beetles are one of the most successful creatures on the planet. This one is a very large ones, dynastes hercules, Central American.

    Jewel Beetle is a stranosphorago stignata(Unclear) from Thailand. We also often sell little earrings that they make in Thailand using the Litra or Wing Covers of these beetles. As you can see its the same fellow.