Weddings: Lace Wedding Dress Options

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Weddings: Popular Lacey Wedding Dresses - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats. My name is Jane and I am the designer of Jane Wilson-Marquis. This is one of my traditional lace dresses. It is re-embroided French Lace, its actually strapless, it comes with a jacket. And its silk satin and French Lace, and you can choose how much lace to put on the dress so that is really couture. Then I also have very interesting fabric, very soft fabric, its called Lino. And again lace details. Again you can make choices because it is made to order and so you can create, you can add more lace or you can have less lace. And this is off the shoulder dress. A four ply, soft, fitted top and appliqued lace. Again the customer can chose how much applique they would like on their dress. So it could be simpler or it could have more lace.