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    Police Force - Volume Four || Trailer

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    Battles are being fought everyday in the streets of our cities. It’s a fight between the criminals trying to gain control of our neighborhoods, and the law enforcement officers doing everything they can to maintain peace in our cities. We ride along with the men and women who brave the dangers of the metropolitan slums as they take down some of the area’s toughest delinquents while bringing peace and justice to the city’s they protect.

    Three complete episodes on one DVD:

    Episode One: Figures In The Sand

    A young mother of 3 children is murdered in her home, execution style. Across town, a popular Korean storeowner is brutally gunned down while chasing an armed robber. Detectives from the elite Phoenix Homicide Unit investigate these killings, and realize there’s more than what initially meets the eye. We follow their journey through the murky world of homicide, filled with secrets and lies as they try to uncover the awful truth behind the murders. Veteran detective Tommy Kulesa investigates the execution and tries to remains coolly detached: “I try not to get emotionally involved in the murder. If you do, you can become biased, and that’s bad for the investigation”.

    Episode Two: Broken Windows

    From the prosperous downtown area of Indianapolis, the city spreads out to various neighborhoods, some wealthy, some desperately poor. The job of the Indianapolis Police Department is to serve them all, and prevent a chain reaction of crime that can begin from a broken window and lead to a drug den. Patrol officer Tracey Knecht works for the Neighborhood Resource Unit and follows the police footsteps of her father, uncle and husband. Marcus Kennedy is the Lead Investigator of a high profile homicide of a Banking Executive, working alongside his partner Homicide Detective Tony Finnel. As they begin gathering evidence, they reveal a secret life of the victim.

    Episode Three: Charm City Blues

    It’s a struggle ...