Ultimate Aircraft: Air Strike

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DVD Available and Download to Own at: http://www.longtailnet.com/3969

Feel the jolt as you accelerate from zero to 150 miles an hour in less than a second, and launch from the deck of an aircraft carrier. The tree tops will whiz by your head as you fly no more than 20 feet off the ground in an Apache helicopter and search for another tank to destroy. Scan the radar-scopes of the Air Force’s newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor – the most sophisticated jet fighter to date – and launch guided missiles beyond the range of your eyesight and into unsuspecting opponents.

Far from the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci and beyond the dreams of the Wright brothers, today’s Ultimate Aircraft have pushed past man’s early conceptions of his ability and into the outer realm of his imagination. This five-part series puts you in the cockpit as these amazing flying machines strut their stuff. From high-G turns to low-altitude passes, you will view never-before-seen footage of the latest in military aircraft, and hear first-hand accounts of what these Ultimate Aircraft really can do, from the pilots who fly them.

Bosnia 1995 – the bloodiest war in Europe since World War II. For years the innocent has perished. Tonight NATO takes a stand. Jet fighters from Europe and the United States will launch from Aviano Air Base and begin Operation Deliberate Force. Planes like the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F/A-18 Hornet, the F-15E Strike Eagle and the A-10 Thunderbolt. Actual combat footage provided by the aircraft’s’ sophisticated onboard cameras will put you in cockpit. Air Strike describes in great detail the planning and technology involved in this crucial and risky attack.

Today, it is possible to win a battle without setting foot on the ground. Armies can be decimated; buildings destroyed and hostile nations can be forced into compliance with the power of an attack from the sky. F-16 Falcons and F/A-18 Hornets are some of the most versatile aircraft today. Able to take-off with a combination of revolutionary long-range ...