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    Supanet SIP Gateway Provider

    Steven Johns

    by Steven Johns

    Supanet SIP Gateways. What is a SIP (VoIP) Gateway? As deployments of voice over IP (VoIP) networks continue at a rapid pace, network professionals need to understand the real-world implementation issues surrounding voice (SIP) gateways, which handle the many tasks involved in translating between transmission formats and protocols and act as the interface between an IP telephony network and the PSTN (TDM) or PBX.

    7 Benefits of Supanet Business SIP Gateways / SIP Trunking:
    1. Lower call costs , than traditional TDM based solutions
    2. Zero Rated site to site calling - FREE Site to Site Calls
    3. Lower connection and rental costs than ISDN
    4. Faster Provisioning timescales than ISDN
    5. A service that is scaleable on a per channel basis
    6. Offers full emergency services support
    7. Complements a converged network with lower costs and simplified architecture

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