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    Smart Tips - Create A Dynamic Facebook Page by Brett Dewey

    Steve Geffner

    by Steve Geffner

    Social Media Marketing Consultant Brett Dewey of shares a smart tip about how to capture the attention of people online, by creating a dynamic Facebook page!

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    People move through the internet pretty quickly. Here's a smart tip that will help your Facebook page grab their attention! Here are three things you can do to make your Facebook page pop. First, at the upper left corner, your icon can be up to 600 pixels tall, giving you room for your logo, photos, special offers, or even a call to action. Second, Facebook includes 5 pictures across the top of your page. Make sure your photos are eye-catching, and in the description include a link that takes visitors to more of your engaging content. Third, use Facebook Apps to create landing pages that are both dynamic and visually rich. These can include forms, surveys, photos or even videos like this one. But most importantly, create a landing page that's a welcome to new visitors, and encourages them to click "LIKE". Remember, people are visual by nature, so using these tools will maximize your Facebook presence. I'm Brett Dewey from Brett Dewey Consulting. Thanks for watching my smart tip!