Charice ,returns to Star King for the 3rd time w/ English subtitles


by bbelj

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Camellia Burney (Verified Contributor)
I just watched the full HD movie here The quality is great enjoy!
Nel Zenodro
can i download this video??
By Nel Zenodro2 years ago
Joy Joy
I've already watched this video a hundred times and still counting PROUD to be a FILIPINO
By Joy Joy2 years ago
i've seen several Charice video and one thing i noticed in many of them. Everytime she gathers to hit those high notes the audience and spectator usually hold on to their arms and rubs them... GOOSE BUMPS?!

Fantastic voice! Power and control.
By Chant20003 years ago
Ann Guanlao
This is also a powerful rendition !! Ganyan talaga sya pag kumanta, she always gives her all!
By Ann Guanlao3 years ago
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