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The Antler King - "Roll Over"

7 anni fa61 views

Sweetest lullaby ever from this impressive Belgian duo.

The Antler King are Esther Lybeert and Marteen Flamand.

From ex Hooverphonic members Esther Lybeert and Frank Duchene, The Antler King's debut album is finally out!

Trivia: Esther was the very first vocalist of Hooverphonic back in 1995, when she recorded a demo with Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and previous member Frank Duchene. Through the demo tapes the band landed a contract for "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular". Esther left the band before the record came out, and then Liesje Sadonius was found.

Esther Lybeert: music/lyrics/lead/keys
Maarten Flamand:music/guitars/backingvocals
Mathias Moors:bass/backingvocals
Bruno Meeus:guitars/backingvocals/banjo

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The Antler King - "Roll Over"
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