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The Antler King - "Morning Bell"

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The Antler King are Esther Lybeert and Marteen Flamand.

From ex Hooverphonic members Esther Lybeert and Frank Duchene, The Antler King's debut album is finally out!

Trivia: Esther was the very first vocalist of Hooverphonic back in 1995, when she recorded a demo with Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and previous member Frank Duchene. Through the demo tapes the band landed a contract for "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular". Esther left the band before the record came out, and then Liesje Sadonius was found.

Esther Lybeert: music/lyrics/lead/keys
Maarten Flamand:music/guitars/backingvocals
Mathias Moors:bass/backingvocals
Bruno Meeus:guitars/backingvocals/banjo

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The Antler King - "Morning Bell"
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