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Windows 99 in VMware Player

6 years ago2.2K views

And you need to change the BIOS to: 09-18-1999.
Download the link at this VHD:
and Bootdisk:
If you already have a bootdisk, you do not need to download it. You can look for your Windows 99 Bootdisk on where you downloaded it into.
Want Megamanager? Download it here:
1)Insert Windows 99 bootdisk
2)Start computer with CD-ROM Support
3)Fdisk and Restart
4)Format C:
5)Go to drive D:
6)Type dir in drive D:
7)Go to drive E:
8)Type dir in drive E:
9)Type setup
10)Press Enter
11)Check for errors on drive C: and D:
12)Follow the Setup Steps
13)Finish Setup
You can install: Plus! 98, WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip and Windows 98 Live CD.
Note: installing Plus! 98 will change the boot screen into Plus! 98.

Note: You MUST have VMware player or Workstation installed in order to use that VHD beacuse this VHD is a VMware VHD looking like this: .vmdk, If you don't have VMware Player or Workstation installed on your computer you will not be able to use this VHD becuse that extention looks like this: .vmdk, And it also would not work with that extention with: Virtual PC 2007 or 2004 or Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 or VirtualBox.
Download VMware:
If u want VMware Vcenter Converter, download it here:
Note:You MUST Logon to VMware in order to download VMware Player or Workstation or VMware Vcenter Converter.

Programs Installed:
Internet Explorer 4.0
Outlook Express 4.0
VMware Tools
WebTV for Windows
Double Desktop
TextPad for Windows 99

Other programs I installed since made the video:
Remote Desktop Connection

Thanks to Gabriel37451 for an ISO in Megaupload.

Coming Soon... Windows NT Terminal Server Version 4.01