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    Shell History of Motor Racing - Volume 3 - The Titans I (1930-1934)


    by UltimateOctane

    This series covers the very early days of motor racing, with superb, if occasionally slightly artistically flawed, original footage of the pioneers at venues like the Grand Prix de l'ACF in Dieppe northern France, right the way through Type 35 Bugattis racing at Monaco, Auto Unions and Mercs of Nazi Germany in action at the original Nurburgring and 250F Maseratis with all the famous drivers.

    There is current day (1960s) footage of VSCC racing at Silverstone too with some pretty impressve and rare machinery, much of which is no longer in competitive use.

    A very comprehensive and unique chronological history of what was an exhilerating, dangerous, competitive and largely amateur sport until the outbreak of WW2.