OVW - CM Punk vs Ken Kennedy


by hwfan

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OVW World Title Match: CM Punk vs. Ken Kennedy


MISTER!!!!!!!!!KENNEDY!!!! mdr,pas mal le match
By ... 6 years ago
erci srx kennnedy et cm punk il se sont tous retrouvé a la wwe et Dsl de faire de la pub mais je voudrait faire connaitre mon super forum ici :

Il ya des news de la wwe des trucs kon c pas exemple mvp a des probleme de coeur etc.. plus de details sur mon forum
By lordanimal 6 years ago
Well, OVW is a smaller fed that the WWE owns and uses to train it's young talent. This was from before Punk was brought up to ECW. Kennedy just showed up to have a match. It's common for established WWE guys to show up at OVW once in awhile as a guest.
By Mark0619 6 years ago
i don't get it. they just came from WWE and fight in OVW ring. Or C.M. Punk is from OVW and mr. kennedy just came from WWE and fight. WHAT?!
By WWECenaHardy 6 years ago
is this when kennedy was injured
By glennohagan 6 years ago