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    Tiger Triplets Born in Southeast China


    by NTDTelevision

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    New-born tiger triplets are delighting the zoo keepers at China's Mount Huangshan Tiger Habitat. The cubs are the first tigers to be born this year. Let's take a look.

    China's Mount Huangshan Tiger Habitat welcomed the arrival of tiger triplets on Wednesday, the first cubs born this year.

    The cubs each weigh around 2.76 pounds and are almost eight inches long, according to Chinese state television.

    The tiger habitat in Anhui province, southeast China, says the parent tigers are both four-years-old.

    According to Chinese folklore, the black stripe markings on a tiger's forehead resemble the Chinese character 'wang', which means king.

    Tigers once roamed huge areas of China, but the country's Wildlife Conservation Society estimates there are now fewer than 50 tigers left living in the wild.

    Their population has collapsed due to the destruction of their habitat and poaching for tiger products to use in traditional medicine.