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    Gum Disease Consequences, by Dentist in Oconomowoc, WI, Dr. James Michaels


    by DentistOconomowoc

    In this video by Dr. James Michaels, a dentist in Oconomowoc, WI, explains how gum disease can cause very severe consequences. From the basic level of perhaps causing gingivitis and giving way to full periodontal disease, bad breath, and the loss of teeth, these chronic gum infections in the mouth which is the gateway to the bloodstream, and which can happen over an extended period of years, literally even decades, can cause a long list of issues. Still-born babies have been found to have this in the placenta. It brings the immune system down so severely that minor infections can become major, or multiple infections. This constant bacterial infection means people are continuously swallowing this constantly growing and spreading bacteria and pus, and it gets into the bloodstream and circulates continuously throughout the body.