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    Mud - 'Shake it down' (1976)


    by RetroTVKing

    Well here's Mud performing on Top of the Pops in 1976 with 'Shake It Down' and it is a high quality clip of the song. Les Gray formed Mud back in mid 1972, becoming a staple of the Glam Rock scene and this later followed with 'Tiger Feet' reaching number one in January 1974 for three weeks and then closely followed to have two more chart-toppers subsquently with 'Lonely This Christmas' and 'Oh Boy', also they lefted EMI in mid 1975 to sign PVT Records to try to get back on track with 'L'L'Lucy' and that had later failed, the band had later split at the end of 1976 as Les Gray went on to pursue a solo career and he sadly passed away in 2004 during a Mud reunion. All copyrights acknowledged thanks to Les Gray and Mud!